Here’s to better naked tomorrows

Good morning! I am going to go a little a wry today because we are getting close to that “new year new you” bullshit, the time of year millions of dollars are spent in the diet and fitness industry. Now that I am becoming a better functioning person some of my topics may not be as gloomy as they were when I started but hey MY blog so I do what a I want!  Weight is an issue that so many of us have dealt with and greatly contributes to mental health, self-worth, happiness, and your relationship with your partner; because let’s be honest if you don’t feel good about yourself the likelihood you will want to do anything that FEELS good with your partner is slim to none. For many of us how we FEEL directly is related to what we see in the mirror.

I went to a pretty prestigious high school. I wasn’t by any means rich but many of my classmates were. At a very young age I realized how much pressure goes into looking a certain way. It’s pretty tough to compete with a girl who later graced the covers of sports illustrated.

Anyway, at that age it contributed to doing some very warped things to lose weight. At 16 you don’t realize how not eating, binging, purging, etc will affect your long-term metabolism. Not to side rail but purging isn’t simply what comes to mind but it is ANY abnormal process you are using to eliminate food from your body. OK back on track without dwelling here to much yes we lost weight quickly but our relationship with food would be forever changed.

When I got pregnant with my first and only child I gained over a 100 lbs. I was that girl whose child would later be 10 yrs old and I would still be blaming my baby for my weight.

“How old is your baby?”

“He’s 10.” I would say confidently

” Oh 10 mos. you still have some time it will come off….”

” Noooo….. 10 yrs” I struggled for years to lose the weight and I did, yo-yoing up and down. Pills, paleo, no sugar, no carbs, cabbage soup, paid people to cook for me, shots, HCG, etc.. I would make it all day doing good then come home from a twelve-hour day, and park my ass down with a plate of dinosaur chicken nuggets, BBQ sauce, and wine.

Fast forward to 2015, I got sick with sepsis. My levels were all over the place, and the doctor informed me I was malnourished. How the hell can I be fat and malnourished? I am not embarrassed to say I was about 220lbs when they discharged me, I was pretty depressed for a couple of years not just prior to my dad getting sick, and one can only live off hot Cheetos and energy drinks for so long before it catches up to you.

I looked in to weight watchers, yes that same diet our mom’s use to do when they drank diet tab and ate popcorn. I signed up as i was leaving the hospital.  What the hell I’ve tried everything else. The struggle for me was I was able to actually eat. Nothing was  really off-limits as long as I tracked. it. What I found was I didn’t eat ENOUGH, especially at work which, we all know how that ended. I have followed it pretty closely til my dad got really sick, which at that point I canceled my membership and just went off what I roughly learned. I lost about 40lbs and even then only gained back about 5 lbs which I bid farewell to 2 of those 5 lbs this morning. I eat pizza, I have bread, and I have lunches that are quick and easy. Weight watchers for the most part changed the relationship I had with food. Whether or not I had a good day or a bad day relied heavily on what that scale said to me in the mornings.

How does working out fall into this?! Look. Let me be perfectly straight with you I have not really done anything in a year.

I did crossfit for a while, and I am not going to say I don’t have time to work out, I don’t make time to work out. Truth. Right now I don’t want to make time to work out. Send me all the inspirational quotes as to how many hours are in a day and what’s one less hour of sleep going to change? When you only sleep 3 hours if you’re lucky, one hour changes alot. Let’s also not forget that I use an extra hour in the morning to be alone with my coffee and Matt Lauer.

Most diets work, but you have to look at the bigger picture as to what your goal is. If it’s a quick fix there are many things that work, but for long-term? It has to be a change in your cooking and fit into your lifestyle. Most people cannot financially commit to a meal plan where either someone cooks or they have frozen meals delivered, and let’s be honest how does that work when you are running late to basketball with three kids who want Taco Bell? Where WW works for me is I can grab 3 chicken Fresco tacos from taco bell (11 points) what is a lot of points for me for dinner but that day I only had a 4 point lunch.


I’ll just leave this here.  . The chicken tacos listed for dinner where actually baja chicken tacos.   Thanks for reading and if you’re interested in more information or recipes just comment and I’ll try post weekly.



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